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The Service

How we do it

The protective barrier system explained.

Initial Service - On your first service, we inspect and make any recommendations that may help reduce the pest population around your home. Inspection is important because some pest issues can be eliminated by simple habitat modification. Once that is completed, we treat with high quality products designed to control the pest population around your home. Your initial service will include but is not limited to the following:  


  • Full power spray application (3x5 ft) around the perimeter of your home along the foundation.  

  • Granulation of the yard up to about 20 feet away from the foundation.

  • Wall voids are treated through exterior weep holes (if available).

  • Fence line inspected and treated.

  • Eaves are swept of spider egg sacs, wasp nests, and other creepy crawlers.

  • Interior is treated

Regular Treatment Plan - After the initial service, we will return every two or three months (depending on your servicing preference) to reinforce the protective barrier. Having a routine service is crucial to maintaining effective control over the pest population around your home. 

60-day money back guarantee - We will comeback as many times as necessary between your regular services to treat any problems you may have.  If we can't fix it, we will refund your last service charge.

Covered Insects/Services

We've got you covered

Southeast Texas is pest heaven. With our hot and humid Summers to our mild everything else, pests never really go away, which makes pest control a year-round commitment. Family First has designed a program that is economically affordable without sacrificing quality, which will provide your family with a trusted level of protection needed to keep pests at bay.  Below is a list of pests which are covered under your regular treatment plan:

  • Ants (including Imported Fire Ants)

  • Centipedes

  • Cockroaches*

  • Earwigs 

  • Firebrats

  • Fleas* (Adults and Larvae, outdoor only)

  • Millipedes

  • Pillbugs

  • Scorpions

  • Silverfish

  • Sowbugs

  • Spiders

  • Ticks* (outdoor only)

  • Wasps (nests found on structure)


*Additional Services available by quote*

  • Carpenter Ants

  • Carpenter Bees

  • Indoor Fleas/Ticks

  • German Roach Clean Out

  • Termites

  • Rats/Mice



Pest control doesn't have to be expensive

One of our core beliefs is that pest control doesn't have to be nor should be expensive.  One of the benefits of a small, local pest control company is that we can offer better pricing without having to sacrifice quality of service. Our regular treatment price is only $70* per bi-monthly service and $95 per quarterly service, with each service guaranteed.  Having a routine service is crucial to maintaining effective control over the pest population around your home. 

* Homes larger than 3600 SF may  cost a little more, but not much.
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